Take Action: Tell Legislators to Stand AGAINST Special Interests, Stand FOR Voter-Owned Elections

Last week, a key House committee approved an initiative that would reduce the influence of special interests in our state’s political system. 


The bill, SB-20, creates a way for candidates to run for office without a single dollar of special interest support, and instead rely solely on small NC donors and the public.  The legislation builds on North Carolina’s successful Voter-Owned Elections programs for Council of State and local elections, expanding the option to the State Treasurer, and allowing an additional municipality to create a local program. 


The bill could come before the House today or tomorrow, and if successful, be heard in the Senate late in the week.  But for this legislation to pass, we need your help.


CLICK HERE NOW to urge your NC Senator and House Representative to support SB-20: Voter-Owned Elections!

SB-20 does NOT raise taxes or fees. It helps politicians focus on voters rather than dialing for dollars. It has wide support from North Carolina voters, but faces tough opposition from well-funded special interest groups.


Contact your Representative right now and ask them to stand up against these special interest lobbies. Tell them to support Senate Bill 20: Voter-Owned Elections and end ‘business-as-usual’ in Raleigh.  Tell that that the State Treasurer especially needs to have this option, because of the particular dependency this office has on donors connected to financial groups who are vying for state contracts.


The NC Justice Center has long supported Voter-Owned Elections and other reforms that make the political process more accountable to average citizens.  From our campaign for quality health care to our fight against predatory lenders, we know that Voter-Owned Elections would make it easier to achieve reforms that advance justice and fairness in this state.


Call (919)733-4111 and ask to speak to your Representative and Senator.  You can find out who represents you here

Tell legislators that they should not adjourn before taking up Voter-Owned Elections!  Tell them that North Carolina needs real money-in-politics reform.

For more on Voter-Owned Elections and what they are, you can visit NC Voters for Clean Elections’ website.