Resources for Regency Beauty Institute Students

Former Regency Beauty Institute students wishing to talk with an NC Justice Center attorney should call 919-863-2403 or 919-856-2570

Were you recently enrolled in a cosmetology program at Regency Beauty Institute? Our attorneys can provide you with free advice, resources, and assistance in navigating your options, particularly regarding Regency Beauty Institute-related student loan debt.

Many former Regency Beauty Institute students may be looking for answers after the abrupt closures of all Regency Beauty Institute campuses, including locations in Durham, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte. We are here to answer your questions, such as:

  • What are my options going forward?
  • Can I finish my program at another school?
  • Do I need to repay the federal student loans I took out to attend Regency Beauty Institute?

Students should be wary of student-debt relief scammers that may attempt to take advantage of your confusion by charging upfront fees or an ongoing monthly charge while providing little value to students.

We want to make sure that former Regency Beauty Institute students have access to information and assistance at no cost, rather than fall victim to predatory ‘debt-assistance’ operators.

Call 919-863-2403 or 919-856-2570 today!