In the News: August 2017

August 2017

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"Silent Sam Protesters Are Taking a Break, But Vow They'll Be Back," Indy Week, August 31,
(cites NC Policy Watch)

"The Truth About Millennials At Work," WUNC, August 31,
(Allan Freyer, Brian Kennedy interview)

"North Carolina editorial roundup," Charlotte Observer, August 30,
(cites Lisa Sorg)

"General Assembly’s support for higher education needs to move from hyperbole to reality," Jefferson Post, August 30,
(Cedric Johnson column)

"Our Opinion: Water-quality threat must be addressed," Greensboro News & Record, August 27,
(cites Lisa Sorg)

"NC Senate set to vote today on district maps," Winston-Salem Journal, August 25,
(quotes Rob Schofield)

"Charlottesville presents clear choice between right and wrong," Winston-Salem Journal, August 25, (also at Hickory Record:, Henderson Daily Dispatch:, Jefferson Post:, The Daily Advance:
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Why your young student’s class is smaller this year – and who is paying the price," Raleigh News & Observer, August 25,
(quotes Kris Nordstrom)

"Room for Improvement in Support of NC Minority-Owned Businesses," Public News Service, August 24,
(quotes William Munn)

"N.C. House puts Cooper vetoes on Thursday agenda for possible override vote," Winston-Salem Journal, August 24,
(quotes Rob Schofield)

"Trump order could give immigration agents a foothold in US schools," The Guardian, August 22,
(quotes Dani Moore)

"Politics is driving large Blue Cross premium hikes," Charlotte Observer, August 21,
(Brnedan Riley op-ed)

"Should Boston removes its Confederate statues?" AppsforPCDaily, August 20,
(cites Rick Glazier)

"Americans want Affordable Care Act improved not undermined," Hickory Daily Record, August 19, (also at Daily Record;, Robesonian:, Jefferson Post:, Greenville Daily Reflector:
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"State jobless rate reaches nearly 17-year low of 4.1 percent in July," Winston-Salem Journal, August 18,
(quotes Patrick McHugh)

"This Week In NC Politics: Confederate Statues And NC Response To Unrest In VA," WUNC, August 18,
(Rob Schofield interview)

"The thing that wouldn't leave," Winston-Salem Journal, August 18,
(Rob Schofield column)

"Mixed signals from the N.C. GOP on Confederate monuments," Winston-Salem Journal, August 18,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Poverty rate, not jobs, is the true measure of success," Raleigh News & Observer, August 17,
(Luis Toledo op-ed)

"Gov. Roy Cooper urges repeal of Confederate memorial law," Charlotte Post, August 17,
(quotes Rick Glazier)

"US sees uptick in number of hate groups," WNCN, August 16,
(quotes Rob Schofield)

"Governor's Office, media coalition settle records suit," WRAL, August 15,
(cites NC Policy Watch, JC suit)

"Analysis: Black Students More Likely To Have High Student Loan Debt," WUNC, August 15,
(quotes Marion Johnson)

"North Carolina tackles employee misclassification," Bloomberg Law, August 14, no link available
(quotes Carol Brooke)

"Town Crier community meetings," Salisbury Post, August 14,
(cites Chris Fitzsimon)

"NC squandered a stock boom on the rich," Raleigh News & Observer, August 12,
(cites Budget & Tax Center)

"The Legislature Gives Underpaid Home Care Workers Some Long-Overdue Relief," Indy Week, August 11,
(cites Allan Freyer)

"This Week In NC Politics: Redistricting Guidelines, Russia Investigation And Summer Reading," WUNC, August 11,
(Rob Schofield interview)

"Cheer and say RAH!" Winston-Salem Journal, August 11,
(cites NC Policy Watch)

"The special sessions that subvert our democracy," Henderson Daily Dispatch, August 10, (also at Winston-Salem Journal:, Asheboro Courier-Tribune:, The Robesonian:, Richmond County Daily Journal:, Jefferson Post:, The Daily Advance:, Hickory Record:
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"A win for seniors and the home health workers who take care of them," Jefferson Post, August 9,
(Allan Freyer op-ed)

"Finding common political ground to improve the health of all North Carolinians," Raleigh News & Observer, August 9,
(Ciara Zachary op-ed)

"Health navigators brace for decision on their funding," Winston-Salem Journal, August 9,
(quotes Brendan Riley)

"Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC names new CEO," Durham Herald-Sun, August 8,
(quotes Brendan Riley)

"North Carolina reporter: ‘no consistency’ on Capitol press credentials," Columbia Journalism Review, August 8,
(quotes Melissa Boughton)

"City Council will vote on 'Brunch Bill' next week," Fayetteville Observer, August 7,
(cites Adam Svolto)

"Jobless rate drops across area," Rocky Mount Telegram, August 7,
(quotes William Munn)

"Jobless rates down, though eastern areas trailing NC," Daily Advance, August 6,
(quotes William Munn)

"The hidden costs of vouchers," Raleigh News & Observer, August 4,
(quotes Kris Nordstrom)

"UNC board vote latest move in an ideological crusade," Winston-Salem Journal, August 4, (also at Hickory Record:, Jefferson Post:, Richmond County Daily Journal:, The Robesonian:
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"This Week In NC Politics: Redistricting, Prosecutor Layoffs And A Litigation Ban," WUNC, August 4,
(Rob Schofield interview)

"Hundreds turn out to protest pipeline at public hearings," Spring Hope Enterprise, August 3,
(Lisa Sorg column)

"N.C. Blue Cross plan cuts Obamacare rate hike request," Bloomberg, August 3,
(quotes Ciara Zachary)

"Latest move in an ideological crusade," Henderson Daily Dispatch, August 3,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"How the current minimum wage hurts kids," Raleigh News & observer, August 2,
(cites NC Justice Center)

"Health care upheaval leaves WNC residents with questions," Smoky Mountain News, August 2,
(quotes Brendan Riley)

"Blue Cross seeks lower rate hike in North Carolina for individual 2018 ACA health care plans," Winston-Salem Journal, August 2,
(quotes Rob Schofield)

"Vouchers allow low-income families to attend private schools, but cost is still a challenge ," Raleigh News & Observer, August 2,
(quotes Kris Nordstrom)

"CCNC urges joint redistricting committee to adopt nonpartisan criteria for drawing new legislative maps," Common Cause North Carolina, August 1,
(cites Rick Glazier)

"Capital Tonight: What's Next With Health Care Reform," Time Warner Cable News, August 1,
(Nicole Dozier interview)

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