Commit to Justice. Support Our Work.

Throughout 2017, we have been right there with you, responding to emerging threats from every direction.

From our lobbyists and attorneys, to reporters and researchers, to advocates and analysts, we have traveled the state promoting issues and strategies in an effort to end poverty, build power, and share prosperity in North Carolina.

This year has called for rapid response in all directions – and we rose to the occasion, mobilizing quickly in the fight for justice.

Here's how your gift today make an impact:

  • Our made up of super activists – maybe even you – led by our engagement team responded to every call we made for help. Together, we engaged in federal and state policy debates, showed up for rallies and protests, and wrote lawmakers and newspapers.
  • The Health Advocacy Project traveled the state organizing rallies and protests to protect access to healthcare and stop attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We organized phone banks so that North Carolinians could play a role in stopping the ACA repeal. All of this quick action was in the name of protecting our health care.
  • Our Immigrant & Refugees Rights Project responded to anti-immigrant policies throughout the year. Following termination of the DACA program, we held a series of community educational and legal clinics to help those affected. We also organized Power of Attorney clinics across the state to help hundreds of families fearing deportation to create plans.

Renew your commitment to justice by making a gift today.