Learn more about the real challenges facing North Carolina, and how best to ask candidates in 2018 about what they intend to do about these crucial issues.

Click on the topics below for a short PDF guide with questions for candidates on a wide variety of issues that affect North Carolinians.


Growing the Economy and Creating Good Jobs for Everyone

​Raising the Minimum Wage So N.C. Families Can Afford the Basics


Adequate and Equitable Funding to Educate Every Child from Early Years to Careers


Funding the North Carolina We Love with a Fair and Adequate Tax System


An Unemployment Insurance System that Helps North Carolinians in Tough Times

Committing to Employment Equity so that Everyone Who Wants a Job Has One ​

Supporting Historically Underutilized Businesses as a Foundation for Equitable Development in North Carolina

Paid Sick Days and Family Leave Benefit Workers, Businesses, and the Economy


Commonsense Immigrant Policies That Strengthen Communities


Expand Medicaid and Close the Coverage Gap

Close the Gap NC: 2018 Candidate Questionnaire

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