Thank you again for participating in yesterday’s update on the Health Advocacy Project’s efforts when discussing Medicaid Expansion.

Here are links to access their resources mentioned during the call.
To access the recording from the call, visit this link.

Pledge to advocate for Medicaid expansion
On the call we mentioned a few ways you could take your advocacy to the next level.
If you’d like to author an article in your local paper, connect with your lawmakers, or activate your network then take action now!

To view “Dr. Laura Ucik – Patients Facing Heartbreaking Choices”, click here.
To view “The lack of healthcare in NC is killing people…”, click here.

To read “A Healthy Wealthy And Wise Decision To Expand Medicaid Under the ARP”, click here.
For county specific data on how Medicaid expansion can help, click here.
NC Veterans of Foreign Wars Joins Care4Carolina, to read more click here.

Please contact Hyun Namkoong at with any questions! We look forward to speaking with you soon.