The Budget & Tax Center’s Economic Snapshot is an annual publication that lists key economic and social indicators at the county level in North Carolina, providing an overall picture of how well-being varies through the state. This data profile includes indicators on employment, poverty and income, affordable housing, health, education, and supports for working families — all of which come from a variety of credible sources.

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Note: Many of the data points in these County Snapshots reflect pre-COVID-19 conditions.

Data Sources

Population Changes

Candidates per Job Opening

  • NC Works Online, Supply and Demand Detail for North Carolina, Jobs and Candidates Area Distribution. Available at Downloaded August 24, 2021.
    •  Job Source: Online advertised jobs data
    • Candidate Source: Individuals with active resumes in the workforce system willing to work in the county. (Note that candidates are duplicated across counties if they are willing to work in multiple counties.)

People with Low Incomes

Table 1: Poverty and Economic Hardship

Table 2: Employment

Table 3: Educational Attainment

  • NC Department of Public Instruction
  • U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2015-2019, Tables S1501 and S2002. Available at
    • Data on bachelor’s degrees is for the population ages 25 and over.

Table 4: Income and Ability to Afford the Basics

Table 5: Access to Affordable Housing

Table 6: Healthy Lives and Communities

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