A look at the role North Carolina workers play in fueling economic growth and job creation

  • The Producers, the Earners and the Spenders: North Carolina’s Workers are Job Creators by Alexandra Forter Sirota
  • Everyone Pays, Everyone Benefits by Cedric Johnson
  • The Grease of the Private Economic Engine by Allan Freyer
  • 8 Things You Should Know about North Carolina Workers, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid Expansion
  • Connecting People who have Criminal Records with Employers by Daniel Bowes
  • Jumping through Hoops to Avoid Foreclosure by Rochelle Sparko
  • Investing in Education to Improve the Workforce by Matt Ellinwood
  • Connecting Workers to Jobs with Reliable and Accessible Pubilc Transit by Tazra Mitchell
  • Payroll Fraud Robs North Carolina Workers by Harry Payne
  • Who Will Fill Bill Friday’s Shoes? by Chris Fitzsimon
  • When Crime Pays for Big Business by Rob Schofield
  • NC Open Records Delay Stymies Historian by Sarah Ovaska
  • Business Owners Who Value Workers by Julia Hawes

Edited by Diane Morris