Raleigh (March 1, 2017) — Governor Cooper has laid out a vision that serves as a positive step toward a higher quality of life for more North Carolinians and communities while seeking to reclaim our national reputation as a state committed to building opportunities and an economy for all.

Rather than follow arbitrary flawed formulas, the Governor has recognized the range of needs in communities and for families and put together a pragmatic plan to respond as a state.

The Governor emphasized, in particular, the role of public employees and teachers in delivering high quality services across the state, as well as the importance of a fortified education pipeline from birth to career in driving better economic outcomes. He acknowledged that public policy can make sure health care, housing and child care are affordable and accessible. He has set aside savings for future Rainy Days while also making additional modest investments in rebuilding those communities hit hard by natural disasters last year.

Governor Cooper could have made even greater progress toward realizing the goal of a thriving North Carolina if his decisions weren’t constrained by the tax cuts that have primarily benefited the wealthy and profitable corporations since 2013.

To sustain and build upon the Governor’s first steps toward building a thriving North Carolina, it will be critical that all of our state leaders commit to ensuring the tax code is able to meet the state’s long-term needs and doesn’t continue to ask more from those living on middle and low incomes.

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