Passage of HB3 reflects current GA’s fear that their ideas are time-limited

RALEIGH (June 27, 2016) — House Bill 3 represents a deep confusion about the role of Constitutions in our lives. Constitutions are overall frameworks for governing, not the place for public policy choices to bind future generations. That’s why we elect leaders: to debate and decide what makes sense to do today to make our communities work better and our economy work for everyone.

This latest move to amend our Constitution with a low and arbitrary income tax cap and limits on accessing the state’s savings in emergencies reflects the current gerrymandered General Assembly’s fear that their ideas are time-limited in their value. By placing these changes into our Constitution, they are not seeking to bring greater democracy to the budget process, but instead to lock in their choices and limit the choices of North Carolinians tomorrow, 10 years, and 100 years from now.

This unnecessary step is one taken out of fear, not responsibility for the common good. The results will be costly for us all and our state.

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